Matched Giving

Matched giving is a corporate philanthropy programme designed to support the non-profit causes which a company’s employees are passionate about by matching donations made by their employees.

The majority of large companies operate formal matched giving programmes and smaller companies are often happy to match giving when asked by an employee.  All companies operate a maximum level of donations that they will match and some operate a minimum level as well (typically £10) to avoid administration for trivial amounts.  Most companies match on a 1:1 basis, but some such as Exxon Mobil will match 3:1.

Each donor needs to receive a receipt for their donation which has the following information on the Charity’s headed notepaper:

How donors get matched donations:

1. Get a receipt for your donation

2. Take it to your HR department and ask if they will match it?

3. Fill in their matched giving form and return it to HR